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Football clubs         

We were approached by a tenant to start a soccer club for Under 15 boys at Acacia Park. We, in consultation with tenants, felt that the soccer club was a very worthwhile initiative, as it would provide a means for the children at Acacia Park to grow healthy bodies and healthy minds, as well as provide a means to pull our young people away from the attraction of drugs and other crime. We are currently in the process of moving the concept to Signal Hill. In keeping with our focus on sustainability, we are proud that the teams has been an initiative of the Acacia Park community, and that many community members have stepped up to help to create the team, and ensure that it runs according to plan.

Both teams are for under 15’s at the moment. Should we have interest from other age groups, we would be more than happy to facilitate more teams to cater for the demand.

The soccer club is currently registered with PADSA (the Pietermaritzburg and Districts Soccer Association).

We have also received requests from parents about starting a netball team for girls. This would be of great benefit to the young ladies of Signal Hill and Acacia Park, and the MHA will wholeheartedly support such a venture. However, we need a tenant to spearhead the initiative. The coaches mentioned above do not have the time to take on extra teams, so we will await a tenant to step up!