Capital City Housing NPC has changed its name!

We are proud to announce that we are now to be known as

Capital City Housing NPC!

The reasons for the change are as follows:

  1. Create an independent brand
  2. Create a new company image and revitalize its position as the largest Social Housing provider in Pietermaritzburg
  3. Disassociate the company from a Town name
  4. Signify a new start for the company with the development of its largest project to date

In line with the name change, the logo has been revitalized to represent:

  1. The towering blocks of flats show the quantity of stock the association owns and manages, as well as the orientation of our blocks into community centers.
  2. The rising sun over the horizon and from the building backdrop, indicates a new start for tenants who enter our projects. A chance for these tenants to better their lives by being placed into our well maintained, affordable rental stock.
  3. The green stripe represents the beautiful rolling green hills we are spoiled with in KZN.
  4. The blue wording for Capital City, represents the flowing rivers of the province. Water representing the lifeblood of existence.
  5. The entire logo is shaded in such a manner as to show that housing is a basic need not unlike water, food from the earth and sunshine. It’s a celebration of life in our units!
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