Capital City Housing has three well-maintained, safe and secure developments in Pietermaritzburg.

Acacia Park

Situated in Oribi Road in Oribi, Acacia Park is home to a warm community where neighbours are friends who look out for each other.

  • Acacia Park has a total of 311 flats.
  • 272 flats have 2 bedrooms.
  • 22 flats have 1 bedroom.
  • 17 flats have 3 bedrooms.


Signal Hill

Signal Hill situated in Nienabar Road in Prestbury, Signal Hill offers modern apartments and amenities that make living here that much sweeter.

  • Signal Hill has a total of 408 flats.
  • 342 flats have 2 bedrooms
  • 40 flats have 1 bedroom
  •  26 flats have 3 bedrooms

Aloe Ridge

Aloe Ridge, situated on White Road in Westgate is a brand new complex that offers you value for money.

  • Aloe Ridge has a total of 952 2-bedroomed flats.
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