The MHA’s Finance Department noticed that many tenants were falling behind on rental payments because of situations outside of their control, such as the loss of a job or the death of a loved one. In addition, the situation was often exacerbated, because the tenant did not inform the MHA about the problem, and usually, by the time the tenant approached the MHA, there was nothing that could be done to remedy the situation.

In order to help deal with situations such as this, the uLusizo Program was established. The uLusizo Program is a plan to help any tenants who find themselves in a difficult financial position due to indigence, unemployment, or critical illnesses. The Plan is called uLusizo (isiZulu for ‘help’), and is a “discount” scheme offered by Msunduzi Housing Association to qualifying tenants on terms and conditions set out by the Association. The initiative is a discount scheme which may be applied to the tenants’ monthly rental, at such a rate as determined by MHA and reviewed periodically.

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