1. Definitions
    1. In these Rules, “premises” shall mean an individual unit occupied by the tenant and “property” shall mean the property comprising the various premises.
    2. Any obligation on a tenant in terms of these Rules shall also apply to dependants or other persons residing in the premises and the tenants’ visitors, for whom the tenant shall be responsible.
  2. Introduction
  3. Committees
    1. The lessor may delegate any or all of the lessor’s powers in terms hereof to a committee established by tenants for this purpose.
    2. The committee may determine and publish fines for the contravention of these rules and may, with the consent of disputing tenants, mediate or arbitrate between tenants.
    3. Tenants shall treat one another and the lessor’s representatives with dignity and respect. Accordingly, tenants shall refrain from using foul language on the property and work towards creating an environment conducive to good neighbourly relationships.
  4. Noise Tenants and their visitors shall be considerate to neighbours and not make loud noise or play loud music, particularly at night.
  5. Vehicles At the decision of the lessor damaged vehicles and vehicles that are excessively dirty, not in general use, drip oil or are not road worthy may not be parked on the property or in a parking bay. Such vehicles will be towed away at the expense of the tenant. Vehicles may not be repaired on the property.
    1. Where available, the tenant may hire a parking bay from the lessor to park a motor vehicle. The parking bay may not be used for any other purposes.
    2. The lessor will lease a parking bay on conditions determined at the sole discretion of the lessor.
    3. Only one parking bay per tenant will be made available unless spare parking
    4. bays can be allocated by the lessor at 30% more that the rental of the first parking bay,
    5. All parking bays are for the sole use of the tenant.
    6. Where available, the tenant may hire a storage room from the lessor to store the tenant’s goods. The storage room may not be used for any other purposes unless the tenant first gets the consent of the lessor in writing
    7. The lessor may adjust the rentals for the parking bay and storage room in line with clause 4 of this agreement.
    8. The tenant may not use the parking bay and/or storage room when this agreement is terminated.
    9. The tenant shall not erect or have erected on the grounds and gardens of the property any structure including carports, tents, marquees, wendy houses or canopies without the Lessor’s prior written consent.
    10. The tenant’s visitors will park in the designated parking area only.
    11. No major vehicle repairs may be undertaken on the premises. All repairs can be undertaken in the designated area only.
    12. Vehicles may only be washed in the designated areas only
  6. Pets Tenants may not house any live animals, birds, poultry or reptiles on the property.
  7. Storage of inflammable materials A tenant may not store any inflammatory materials on the premises or on the property.
  8. Refuse disposal Tenants must
    • Maintain a hygienic dustbin for refuse on his or her premises;
    • Ensure that before the refuse is placed in the dustbin, an approved plastic refuse bag is placed inside the dustbin;
    • For refuse collection, place such plastic bags securely tied in the area designated by the lessor at the determined times.
    • Care must be taken not to allow plastic bags to split or spill and to ensure that refuse is not scattered.
  9. Security No firearms or pellet guns may be used by tenants on the property.
  10. Person access covers Only the lessor or persons approved by the lessor may remove manhole covers. No structures or objects may be placed on or over manholes.
  11. Trade Any type of business or trade from premises or on the property is strictly forbidden.
  12. Littering
    1. Tenants shall maintain their premises and common areas and corridors in a neat and tidy condition and shall avoid littering of any kind.
    2. No advertisements and posters shall be placed upon any part of the property.
  13. Demonstrations and political gatherings Demonstrations and all political/union gatherings of whatever nature shall not be allowed on any part of the property.
  14. Sewers Only the lessor or persons authorised by the lessor may clean, repair or maintain the sewerage reticulation system. Tenants shall ensure that no items are placed in toilets that can block sewers.
  15. Storm water drainage No litter or rubbish or anything that may cause a blockage may be placed in the storm water system.
  16. Electrical rules
    1. Only an electrician, authorised by the Lessor, shall be allowed to work on any electrical equipment in the premises or on the property.
    2. Tenants must provide, at their own expense, all electric bulbs required on the premises.
  17. Laundry Tenants must ensure that laundry is only hung in areas designated by the lessor and kept out of public view. No laundry is allowed to be hung out of windows, over balconies or on the boundary fence.
  18. Post Tenants must clear their post boxes frequently and avoid littering due to uncollected post.
  19. Foul odours Tenants may not cause foul odours which will be offensive to other tenants.
  20. Damage Tenants may not do anything that will cause any damage to the premises or property and will be liable for the cost of any damage caused.
  21. Fire equipment Tenants may not tamper with any fire fighting equipment and may not use fire hoses for any other use than fire fighting.
  22. Smoking No smoking is permitted in the enclosed common areas including foyers and lifts. The discarding of cigarette butts in common areas in prohibited.
  23. Alcohol The consumption of alcohol in all public places/common areas is strictly prohibited.
  24. New rules These Rules may be amended from time to time. At least 1 (one) months written notice shall be given to tenants of proposed changes. Tenants must respond to proposed rules within this one month period. Subject to the provisions of any applicable law, the final decision for implementation shall be a decision of the Board of the lessor.The rules contained herein are non negotiable. By attachment of the lessor/s signature to the lease agreement, the lessor undertakes:
    • to abide by these rules
    • She/he fully understands these rules
    • that these rules have been explained to the lessee by the lessor.
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