Meet the man with the plan: Elton Adkins

The Community Development Agent  at Capital City Housing, Elton Adkins is a well-known face at our Acacia Park development. The children know him by name and approach him when they need help in the computer labs or guidance with their homework. And it’s safe to say that Elton acts as the backbone of the community at all our developments.

Born and bred in Pietermaritzburg, Elton has been a resident of Acacia Park since 2005 where he lives with his wife Tracy. Since moving into Acacia Park, Elton had been keen to assist the residents there and ensure a holistic living experience at all our Social Housing developments in Pietermaritzburg, namely Acacia Park, Signal Hill and Aloe Ridge.

“When I started living at Acacia Park, I realized there was so much opportunity to enrich the lives of the people living there. I noticed that many children were struggling with homework and were unable to read at adequate levels for their age. Hence, I put forward the Reading Programme, where I help students with their homework and reading at the Reading Centres at Acacia Park and Signal Hill.”

“I have always loved to read, ever since I was a little boy and I wanted to help the children to get better at reading,” adds Elton.  

But the Reading Programme is just one of the many activities Elton manages. His other initiatives include the running of the community computer centers at Signal Hill and Acacia Park, Movie Nights where residents are invited to watch a movie together, tuck into popcorn and have a good time mingling with their neighbours and friends. Elton also has a Vegetable Gardening initiative and a Kid’s Fun hike in the works.

However, with the onset of the COVID-19, many of the community activities and events have had to be put on hold. But that hasn’t stopped Elton from continuing to give back to his community.

Elton has been involved in the COVID-19 Mask Making community programme, which to date has seen 815 masks sewn and distributed to residents. In association with Ragland PMB, Capital City Housing tenants sew masks for residents, particularly the elderly and children, with materials provided by Capital City Housing and Ragland.

When asked what drives him to juggle the several fundraising projects he is involved in, this is what Elton had to say:

“We live only once and what good is living if you cannot serve your fellow men. My wife who works with Gift of the Givers is my greatest inspiration and together we have made it our mission to give back wherever we can and teach future generations to do the same. I believe in the culture of compassion for your fellow people and this is what drives me.”

We are proud to have such a driven, compassionate and caring Community Development Agent who listens to the needs of our residents, acts as the voice of the community and above all takes action to ensure that our residents enjoy their lives at our social housing complexes. If you would like to contact Elton for any of our community projects or to partner in any community initiatives contact him at elton@cchousing.co.za or 076 711 5055

If you would like to apply be a tenant, click here to apply For more information, contact us on (033) 345 2184 or (033) 345 2187.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our community!


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