Tenant rights and responsibilities – Maintenance & repairs

At Capital City Housing, we strive to ensure that our tenants have a clear understating of their rights and responsibilities. Here, we breakdown the responsibilities regarding maintenance and repairs of one’s unit.

What is the difference between maintenance, repairs and construction snags?

Repairs refer to returning things back to their original state as upon letting your apartment. For example, fixing leaks in taps, fixing a hole in the wall or repairs to any damage caused. Repairs are usually the responsibility of the tenant.

Maintenance refers to activities that place over a certain cycle the ensure the regular upkeep of the complex and the premises. For instance, painting of the windows, which take place every 5 years to maintain quality. Maintenance is the responsibility of the landlord.

Construction Snags
Construction snags are problems that the contractor is responsible for. For example, fixing of cracks in the walls. These issues only last a short while after the construction of a building.

Now let us clearly breakdown all responsibilities of tenants and landlords:

Tenant Landlord / Lessor (Capital City Housing)
Maintenance of the interior of your unit: such as leaking taps, toilets and wash basins, lights, globes, switches, plugs & fittings. Maintenance of exterior: Painting of windows, walls, roof, doors and window frames, maintenance of playgrounds, grounds etc.
Any damage caused to the interior or exterior of the building by tenant, tenants’ family or friends. Maintenance of lights in common areas
Repairs to doors, windows, window frames, built in-cupboards. Maintenance and repairs to fences and gates
Repairs to locks and keys Maintenance and repairs to geyser
Repairs to walls, ceilings, floors, carpets or tiles Maintenance of common areas, playgrounds and garden
Repairs to electrical meter box, if seal is broken, and replaces of fuses Maintenance of plumbing and electrical systems
Repairs to parking bay Maintenance of meter box if the seal is not broken or tampered with
Repairs to blocked waste pipes inside the unit (ie. Clearance of blockage) Emergency repairs of broken main sewer line
Emergency repairs of broken main water line
  Emergency repairs to rectify electrical failure
  Urgent repairs of roof leakage, water leakage, issues with hot water supply.

All details of the tenant’s and landlord’s maintenance obligations are mentioned clearly and in details, in your Lease Agreement, which will be explained to you prior to signing of your lease.

The lease agreement stipulates that your unit will be provided on god condition on the date that you commence renting with us. Furthermore, you will be required to inspect the unit with our inspection agent, prior to commencement of rental, to determine if there are any defects. All defects recorded during the defects’ liability period in the case of a new premises shall be rectified by the lessor on condition that it is reported to the lessor by the lessee on the prescribed maintenance complaint form. Any defects not reported within three months of the lessee taking occupation of the premises or the defects liability period having expired shall be for the account of the lessee.

For further information on maintenance, you can view the lease agreement details here: https://bit.ly/3rBCXNp

At Capital City Housing, we strive to maintain a fair and friendly relation with all our residents and are always willing to assist with any issues.

If you have any queries related to your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, feel free to contact us on 033 345 2184 / 7.

For any disputes, kindly contact the KZN Rental Housing Tribunal on 031 372 1808 /06/04/03/00 or email: info.rht@kzndhs.gov.za

If you would like to apply to be a tenant, then click here to apply online and become part of our close-knit community.

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